RinkyDink Candles Ltd specialises in the creation of handmade scented products, however extreme care is also given to the ethics of candle making.


All products created by RinkyDink Candles Ltd are not tested on animals and contain vegan-friendly components.


RDC ensures that it uses UK-based suppliers who obey the current UK law and governance surrounding the manufacture of scented oils for home fragrance products.


All companies we work with to create scented products provide complete disclosure of all chemicals within their scented oil blends. It is the duty of RDC therefore, as a company, to be equally transparent and honest regarding all blends used in our products. 


Our suppliers are required by law to confirm to the IFRA Standards. All mixtures are in compliance with the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). As a consequence, a full documented report of all ingredients found in each fragrance can be found via our suppliers' respective websites:



If you are particularly concerned about a particular candle blend, and require assurance of its compliance with IFRA Standards, please get in touch.


All scented blends are assessed in accordance with the governing standards set by IFRA Standards and governing UK law on the manufacture and distribution of fragrance products. Such standards include suffient measures of any potentially harmful effects from scented oils. In all cases, oils are confirmed to not posses harmful or negative impacts to those that consume them safely.


So no need to worry, because you're consuming these lovely scents incredibly safely! Oils used in RDC's products fall under IFRA class 11. This means that the concentrations of oils used in RDC's products is incredibly, incredibly small. All oils contain non-animal derived components, which at worst can cause sensitive skin irritation. In rare cases (and this is very much a rare and extreme exception), those with pre-existing and highly advanced respritory conditions may experience mild irritation around fragranced products.However this does not concern an incredibly large number of the population.


RDC also has a completely transparent allergen policy, ensuring that allergens are listed in all product descriptions and on all product labels wherever required.


All products are labelled in compliance with current CLP Standards, as well as each product being sufficiently labelled with usage instructions and important safety guidance.


We know there is often a toxic (pardon the pun) rumour mill that likes to circulate on social media that 'fragrance' products are harmful and, well, toxic. Sadly, a lot of these are misinformed and do not take into account recent scientific research and governing bodies of the present UK fragrance industry. They cite reports mainly concerning studies from 30-40 years ago, and the way fragrance is manufactured and governed has changed a lot since then!


RDC would never want its customers to worry, so here's the brass tax for peace of mind.


Scented oils are made a particular subset of chemicals which possess potent and pleasent smells. These chemicals themselves in low concentrated doses (like the extremely low concentrations in candle blends of less than 1%), are not generally not harmful unless directly swallowed or injested. There is very little chance of a person swallowing or injesting a candle, but if they do, they should seek medical attention immediately.


Those who target 'fragrance' oils usually point their fingers at beauty products in particular such as perfumes, lotions and creams that make direct contact with skin, as this is the most effective way of absorbing chemicals used within fragrance products. However, 99% of our most-loved bath products, lib balms and body butters use the same scent chemicals in some of our candle blends, and they are entirely harmless because the concentration is, again, incredibly small.


As we mentioned earlier, RDC's candles are a class 11 product, that means that such a teeny tiny concentration of the scent is used, it is not harmful when used safely and responsibly. Concerns are usually directed at higher class products which are not correctly labelled and do not provide full transparency of chemicals used within their products.


We are committed to providing 100% transparency with all our products. If you want to know anything more about how our partners create their scents, please get in touch and we are happy to guide you.