about rinkydink candles


I'm Aimee, the founder and owner of RinkyDink Candles.

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The creation and inital growth of this business accidentally became my main tool of recovery after I was diagnosed with GAD and PTSD in 2019. What began as a creative hobby blossomed into an operating candle company in around six months from its start.

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Years later, I love running my own candle company and creating fun, cosy content while building a lovely little online community. A big part of my work now includes raising awareness about the positive impact having a hobby or business can have when recovering from trauma and going through therapy.

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why did i start making candles?

During the 2020 pandemic lockdowns I started making my own candles. I began selling them online, while still working in IT after graduating University.

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Scenting and pouring candles can be fun, creative and a little bit therapeutic, I think! I learned about mindfulness in my therapy sessions and started to apply it to candle making. It makes it really enjoyable, and I feel very grateful that I get to do it for a living.

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I started sharing my own life and the business behind the scenes more, and I eventually began blending in content creation. The result has been so lovely, because I've started to build a lovely community of alternative candle lovers on my social media platforms. That's how the business began, and since then it's just scaled upwards and outwards!‏‏‎ ‎

why do i run a candle company?

I wanted to create a business centered around high-quality handmade products that feel like a small, affordable treat. A lot of high-quality candles cost a lot of money, and I wanted to make some that do not!

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‏‏For me personally (I know it's not for everyone), I love how atmospheric and fun candles can be. I really love how smell and scent preferences are so subjective and individual to each person, so choosing a candle scent that feels like you is a fun form of self-expression. 😊

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Fully aware it sounds cringe and like I care A LOT about silly little candles, but when I integrated candles and wax melts into my own self-care, it really felt like a small treat.

So, I wanted to bring that feeling to other people who were also struggling to get away from their day-to-day. I thought if I enjoy them for that reason, others will too. So I want to make THE BEST ONES. 😎


the early days...


where it all began...newcastle upon tyne

I am entirely self-taught in my chandlery craft. I have learned everything I know through constant research and practise, and I'm still learning today.

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Leeds Studio number one...

When I started this business, I worked in IT at Newcastle University. I took that job thinking it'd take a few years for the candles to take off, but it shockingly took six months.

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‏‏‎So, my partner and I decided to pack up and move to Leeds. I put physical space between me and my past experiences and finally began targeted recovery therapy. The healing started, and the business gew.

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That was February 2021. As my confidence and sense of self grew, my business did too. In October of 2021, RDC moved into an even bigger, better space for candle making.

the first leeds studio, outgrown within 5 months of moving in.

leeds studio number two - our current home

experiencing personal growth while running a business full-time.

In 2021 we moved into a larger studio and have since received two Yorkshire Blogger Awards for our work. We've been featured in magazines, Vogue, Tatler and even appeared on the radio for BBC Leeds and BBC Newcastle. We're now a growing team of three. Myself, Lucy (our chandlery assistant) and Jackie, our wholesale manager. Because our eventual goal is to take this small brand across the UK!

I cannot express enough how grateful I am to be able to do what I love and help others with this business.

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Over the four years of RDC's lifespan, I've met some amazing people online, and in the real world! I've had some really cool oppotunities to work with amazing creators and brands. So far, my favourite part of my career is that I got to officially promote Don't Hug Me I'm Scared's TV series for Channel 4. I've always loved it, so it felt so cool to me!

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Thank you for reading this and for your continued support for my business.ㅤ

Aimee x