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-Never leave a candle burning unattended.

-Burn candles out of reach of children and pets.

-Always leave at least 10cm between burning candles.

-Only burn tin candles on a level, heat-resistant surface.

-Burn tin candles for a minimum of 3 hours to ensure an even melt pool. For large tins, burn for 4 hours. This will stop your candle from tunelling, which will leave a perimeter of unmelted wax around your tin. If you find you have a tunelling issue, try heating up the tin with hot air (such as a hairdryer) to evenly disperse the wax. Note, this is only effective if the tunelling is not too deep.

-Trim your wicks before each burn for best scent release.

-Extinguish when 5mm of wax remains in the candle tin.

-If possible, snuff the flame rather than blowing it out.

-Place melts in a clean and empty oil burner or electric warmer bowl.
-Do not add any water or oil and use unscented tealights.
-When the fragrance is spent, allow wax to cool and harden, remove from the bowl and dispose with househould waste.
-Do not wash or dispose spent wax down the drain!

-You can light a tea light and after a few seconds it will warm the
bottom of the wax enough to push out of the oil bowl and then wipe
-You can use a blunt instrument to gently persuade the wax from the burner.
-If you want to crack on with your next melt, but your wax is still
in liquid form, use a cotton ball to soak it up and empty the bowl.

-Each time when burning, ensure to trim the candle wick to 1.5cm.
-Do not leave any candle burning unattended.
-Do not burn candles beneath items that are loose or flammable.
-It is recommended that you burn Skullies and Spikey Mikeys for 2 hours on the first burn to establish an even melt pool for future burns.

- Be cautious when burning glass jar candles, as if they are used in a room which experieces cold temperatures, the burning flame glass can crack due to temperature shock.

-When there is 1cm of wax remaining in your candle, it is recommended that you snuff out the flame and do not relight.

-The most common cause of glass cracking is that there isn’t enough wax left to absorb the heat of the flame, making the glass very hot. This can cause the glass to crack after an extended period.

-Burn on an even surface out of reach of children, pets or flammable items. Never leave burning unattended. Where possible it is better to snuff the flame rather than blow it out.

-Each time before burning this candle, ensure the wick is trimmed to 1.5cm.
-It is possible that the candle wax will burn at a different rate to
the candle art design. If this happens you must trim any excess height
so that the design does not tower over the flame.
-Do not burn this candle underneath any object that is loose or flammable.
-Do not leave this candle burning unattended.
-It is possible that pillar candles can drip wax, therefore it is
recommended that you burn this candle inside a pillar candle glass, or
on a hard, heat-proof surface.

-Remove the lid and tightly grip the glass base with one hand.
-With the other hand, gently prise the bung from the bottle, ensuring you keep a tight grip on the bottle to avoid any spillages.
-Screw the lid back on as tight as you can, and slowly tilt the bottle left and right to saturate the cork.
-Do not invert the bottle or tip it upside-down or it will leak.